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Debunking "Palestinian Heritage"

Al Jazeera Set Israel As An Example For Democracy

Why Does Obama Wants an Israel Crisis

Israel's New Enemy

Jerusalem - Myths and Facts

It's Time For Bibi To Up The Ante

Debunking "Palestinian Heritage".

Daphne Anson – 18 Dec 2011

Daphne Anson (nom de plume) is an Australian avid Israel supporter blogger; in her blog Debunking "Palestinian" History That's Bunk: The propaganda war à outrance she quotes from an article (translated from Hebrew) by Avi Goldreich who had discovered a rare 1714 book by Hadriani Relandi named Palaestina, ex monumentis veteribus illustrate .

Relandi’s most prominent conclusions, According to Goldreich, can be summarised as:

1. Not one settlement in the Land of Israel has a name that is of Arabic origin. Most of the settlement names originate in the Hebrew, Greek, Latin or Roman languages.

2. Most of the land was empty, desolate, and the inhabitants few in number and mostly concentrate in the towns Jerusalem, Acco, Tzfat, Jaffa, Tiberius and Gaza. Most of the inhabitants were Jews and the rest Christians. There were few Muslims, mostly nomad Bedouins.

3. The book totally contradicts any post-modern theory claiming a "Palestinian heritage," or Palestinian nation.

[Emphasis is mine]

Indeed finding No 2 corresponds with another famous traveller to the Holy Land in 150 years later, in 1867, his name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known by his pen name, Mark Twain.

Daphne Anson continue with excellent short history of the “Palestinians”, a term that was introduced in 1962 and became widely used as recently as 1977; yet the Palestinian propaganda machine keep claiming that the Palestinians “for thousands of years”, huh? Read More

Al Jazeera Set Israel As An Example For Democracy

Anshel Pfeffer – 25 Nov 2011

In unintended consequences, for once, Al-Jazeera constant demonising of Israel has taken a strange twist; the Arab Spring demonstrators in Egypt and Tunisia look at Israel’s democracy for inspiration; Anshel Pfeffer reports in the left leaning Israeli daily Haaretz:

"We want a democracy like in Israel." I heard this sentence twice in January, once in a shopping center in Tunis and a second time on a street near Tahrir Square in Cairo. When I tell people that neither of the men who said this to me were aware of my being a reporter for an Israeli newspaper, I am usually greeted with disbelief.

Israel is constantly on the news agenda of Al Jazeera and the other Arab news channels, and while most of what they broadcast is soldiers shooting at Palestinians, over the last few years they have also seen the Katsav and Olmert trials, generals and ministers being hauled in front of civilian commissions of inquiry following military failures, and the wave of social protest on Rothschild Boulevard [in Tel-Aviv] last summer.

While we [in Israel] are full of anger and shame at our politicians' incompetence, corruption and venality, Arabs see a state where a president and prime minister are held to account for their crimes and failures, and hundreds of thousands can take to the streets calling for their removal without fearing they will not return home alive.
[Brackets provided]

But, and there is a “but”, and it is Al Jazeera’s “but”. Trust Israel’s most lefty publication to crush any pride Israelis might feel in the fact that their democracy inspires the neighbours. Read more...

Why Does Obama Wants an Israel Crisis?

Charles Krauthammer - 19 March, 2010

Indeed why? It is obvious that the recent crisis between the administration and Israel has been manufactured for reasons that are not quite clear. Charles Krauthammer offer a number of possibilities, he asked:

[Is it] because Obama wants to bring down the current Israeli coalition government (according to Jeffrey Goldberg)?


 ... is it because Obama fancies himself the historic redeemer whose irresistible charisma will heal the breach between Christianity and Islam or, if you will, between the post-imperial West and the Muslim world.

Who knows? Perhaps we should ask those Obama acolytes who assured the 63 percent of Americans who support Israel – at least 97 percent of those supporters, mind you, are non-Jews -- about candidate Obama's abiding commitment to Israel. Read more ...


Israel's New Enemy: America?

Cal Thomas - 18 March, 2010

Indeed, if listen the the recent noises that come out of Washington, you may be excused if you thought that America has a new enemy, Israel. Whilst Cal Thomas is not certain, that "[t]he intentions may not be deliberate" (I disagree with him on this point), "the outcome would lead to the same injurious end" he concludes.

On the recent outcry about constructions in "disputed territory", Cal Thomas remind us that:

To the Palestinians and their Arab and Muslim neighbors, most especially Iran and Syria, all of Israel is "disputed territory." It is difficult to understand why the U.S. State Department thinks not building a few houses is going to dissuade Israel's enemies from wanting less than they want now

The failure of this formula has been evident for decades, but U.S. policy continues to employ it, always with the same results. Whether Israel's concessions have been unilateral -- most recently with its abandonment of the Gaza Strip, which predictably led to terrorist attacks from that territory -- or negotiated deals which the Palestinians have never lived up to, Israel always ends up getting its pocket picked. Then, the United States, the U.N., Europe and Russia demand that it put more valuables in its pocket so the thieves can continue their thievery.

What part of annihilation does the State Department not understand? What State is blind to is that the "Israeli-Palestinian conflict," as it is erroneously labeled, is part of a worldwide religious war against all things Jewish, Christian, secular, modern and Western.

How about some tangible demand on the Arabs-Palestinians to show America that they are actually interested in real peace ask Mr. Thomas (you are not serious sir are you? I guess that you are). Read more ....


Jerusalem - Myths and Facts

Eli E. Hertz - 17 March, 2010

Not only that Jerusalem was never an Arab city, during it 3,000 years history, Jerusalem was a capital of only one nation, the Jewish people. Jerusalem division to east and west is geographical, not political. Here are some more facts:

Despite 1,300 years of Muslim Arab rule, Jerusalem was never the capital of an Arab entity, nor was it ever mentioned in the Palestine Liberation Organization’s covenant until Israel regained control of East Jerusalem in the Six-Day War of 1967...

Naming the Jerusalem mosque al-Aqsa was an attempt [buy Muslims] to say the Dome of the Rock was the very spot from which Mohammed ascended to heaven, thus tying Jerusalem to divine revelation in Islamic belief. The problem however, is that Mohammed died in the year 632, nearly 50 years before the first construction of the al-Aqsa Mosque was completed...

... the [UN] resolution never mentions Jerusalem, nor does UN Resolution 242 call for a full withdrawal from territory captured but merely a withdrawal to “secure and recognized boundaries” that are to be negotiated by the parties concerned. Arab Palestinians were not a party to the resolution.

Jerusalem was never an Arab city; Jews have held a majority in Jerusalem since 187020, and ‘east-west’ is a geographic, not political designation. It is no different than claiming the Eastern shore of Maryland should be a separate political entity from the rest of the state.

Read more ....


It's time for Bibi to ante up

Caroline Glick - 15 March, 2010

There is little doubt that the recent rift between the Obama administration and the government of Israel is a result of a "calculated decision" to up the ante and against the Israeli government and at the same time ratchet down the pressure on Iran.

Anyone who paid the slightest attention to who Barack [short for Barakeh in Arabic] Obama is before he was elected knew full well that this man is an enemy of Israel. He was a member of an ardently anti-Semitic church for more than two decades. His friends ranged from virulently anti-Israel and anti-Jewish like Edward Said, Rashid Khalidi, William Ayres, Jeremiah Wright, Samantha Power and Susan Rice -- among others -- to radically post-Zionist like Arnie Wolf, Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod not to mention Joe Biden....

Bibi can tell Obama to stick it where the sun don't shine and rally the Israeli public and Israel's many  friends in America to his side and so make it impossible for Obama to carry on doing this with immunity. Or he can lick Obama's boots and set the clock ticking faster towards the destruction of this country.

Perhaps not much of a ladylike words but nevertheless succinctly expresses many Israel supporters views. Read more ....