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Heaven + Earth; Global Warming: The Missing Science The Climate Caper By Garth Partidge
Heaven + Earth The Climate Caper The Politically Incorrect Guide To Global Warming
Ian Plimer Garth Partridge Christopher Horner
To understand the climate one must be proficient in a number of disciplines. Prof Plimer look at the climatic history of our planet and it seems that there is nothing new under the sun -- a must read for anyone who wish to learn the facts. Prof Partridge, a retired atmospheric and Antarctic scientist of the CSIRO asks" ... how can it be that the scientific community has become so over the top in support of its own propaganda .." An interesting insight into the internal politics of (the Australian) government funded science. Environmentalists do not want to win, they want to fight. Chris Horner does not only uncovers the flowed science of global warming but also unmasks the people behind it and their motives.