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The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes Fool's Gold Double Lives
The Forgotten Man Fool's Gold Double Lives
Amity Shlaes Gillian Tett Stephen Koch
A side swipe at Obama's economic policies? Breaking FDR's economic myth? You make the call. Not an easy reading but full of facts collected from records of the great depression. You would not escape the parallel of whether the (USA) government should be generating electric power and the current "public option" in health care debate in America. The story of how a dream of a small "tribe" in JP Morgan lead to corruption of the banking system, Wall Street and beyond to a near global financial catastrophe. An easy read with good explanation on how it (the derivatives market) works. It was all about eliminating lending risks using MODELS which were not based on real data, not much different to the controversial climate models. Ernest Hemmingway, Lillian André and Maxim Gorky were only a few  among the host of people from the "inteligencia"  who were targeted by Stalin's mighty propaganda and espionage machine headed by Willi Münzenberg who recruited and manipulated the best of them, from London, Paris, New York, Hollywood and Washington they came.