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Because They Hate by Bridgitte Gabriel Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Londonistan Because They Hate Infidel
Melanie Phillips Bridgitte Gabriel Ayaan Hirsi Ali
'As far as I am concerned, Islam and terrorists are two words that don't go together', said a senior London police officer the day the London tube was bombed. This is how far political correctness and multiculturalism have infected Britain. Britain is looing it own culture, all in the name of the so-called "human rights". No wonder that the British PC brigade hated the book. The survival story of a Christian Lebanese girl in a sea of Muslim hated. She was dubbed as "Anna Frank of Lebanon". Brigitte and her family was rescued, but not by the Lebanese forces or the "freedom fighters" of the PLO of but by the "enemy", The Israeli Army. Taking her sick mother to a hospital in Israel, she was ripped of by her Lebanese driver who brought het to the Israeli border, across the border, the "Zionists" would not take  penny from her despite the fact that she had offered to pay. 'There is no such thing as Islamophobia' says Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a rebellious woman who had been brought up as a devout Muslim but refused to submit to Islam unconditionally. It is not only indictment on Islam as a religion but also how "moderate" Muslims abuse the hospitality of their host countries by playing the system. Not only they are not grateful for the hospitality, they see it as a weakness to be exploited.
In The Shadow Of The sword by Sally Neighbour Eurabia by Bat Yeor While Eurpe Slept
In The Shadow Of The Swards Eurabia While Europe Slept
Sally Neighbour Bat Yeor Bruce Bawer
The story of Jamaah Islamiyah from the villages of Java to the Bali bombing via the the South East Asian terror network and al-Qaida's training camps in Afghanistan.  A well researched book by the (Australian) ABC investigative journalist. The Islamisation of Europe is not merely a result of failed immigration policies. Oh no! Europe, particularly the Europhiles have a lot to answer for, not the least worrying put hurting the USA as an as a principle that is supercedes  even the in interest of their own people, she calls it 'Palestianism'. The only phenomenon that is more enraging then how freely radical Islam has been allowed toflorish in  Western Europe are the feeble  excuses of the of the PC Europhiles. They may desribe themselves as 'Social Democrats' but they are simple common garden hard socialists.
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